NLA Editor - remove old unused tracks

29 November 2014 16:02
I have some some tracks in NLA editor that are not animated anymore. As soon as I add an action to object that was not animated before, a track appears in NLA editor. When I delete an action, the tracks remain in NLA Editor view. How to delete them?
29 November 2014 18:00
NLA tracks shows even possibility to be added. I mean, if object's action is choosen, it will appear in NLA. If you meant this thing. Or if you're talking about those "left side thingies" , turn off the star on the left, select the track line and delete :)
If it won't help, send a screenshot with a problem
29 November 2014 22:48
Here is an example file
There are 3 mesh objects and zero actions. If you open that file, you will see, that NLA-Editor window shows them.

It just might become messy when I have a complex project and can not delete those tracks.
30 November 2014 00:11
Oh, yeah, I know this thing. Unfortunately, I don't know how to deal with it.
Seems like Blender keeps this "strip" on every object that was animated. However you can turn off "action" button in NLA, so it will show only strips of animated objects :

I added action to torus
01 December 2014 18:14
Today I found another workaround. I joined the mesh with another mesh object that was never animated and then the unneeded track disappears.
01 December 2014 18:47
Good idea Thanks for sharing
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