Camera move nodes with moving objects

04 January 2016 07:49

Can you tell me if it is possible to start an animation with a fixed camera position, then move the camera to a moving target that looks at a different moving object?

If so, what is the best camera move style to use? ( target, hover, static, eye )

05 January 2016 12:59
Currently the best way to do this is using the "Move Camera" logic node and the target camera move style. Assigning some duration in this node allow you to make smoothed camera movement to the desired destination.
11 January 2016 17:29
Hi Alexander,

So far, when I use the "Move Camera" node and the target camera move style, the camera does move to the target position, but it does not continue to track the moving object. This is what I would like to achieve, is to have the camera continue to
follow the object after the camera moves into its new position.
11 January 2016 23:42

You may achieve that using a node loop which includes the Delay and the Move Camera nodes
12 January 2016 06:57
Hi Alexander,

I can get close to the action that I'm looking for, but not quite correct. Can you please look at the
attached blend file and see where I need to make changes? Increasing the duration of the
"Move Camera" node lets the planet move too far from the center of the scene.

15 January 2016 16:43
I've checked Move Camera + Delay solution but it does not look good. The issue is different modes the camera needs to operate. The first is simple target mode but the second is a special "tracking" mode which is currently beyond the scope of simple node-based logic. To implement it you need to write JavaScript logic which will move the camera to the required point (based on a currently selected planet) each frame.
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