How to use "Aligning objects" tool?

05 January 2016 03:57
I can not see where is the "Aligning objects" tool (for creating UI elements), and also definitly I'd like to see the very basic tutorial about that, please?

Thank you ; )
05 January 2016 11:27
Do you mean the viewport alignement tool described in the release notes of 15.12?
If so you have to parent the object to the camera. Select object then Shift select camera and press CTRL P.
It creates a new tab in the objects property panel. But you have to parent it first.

/!\ the viewport align aligns the ORIGIN of the object !

I use a empty parented to the camera that i parent the object to. That way you can easily control the offset of the object.

A video is a the way ! I love this option !
05 January 2016 11:59
Thank you very much! : ) I just couldn't find that option, but I didn't even try to parent anything first.

Blender usually throw every checkbox even if it doesn't make any sence to the actual state of your project, so it's nice to hear that blend4web developers can do something in their own better way ; )

05 January 2016 14:04
Glad to help ! I struggled to. But it's all in the release notes…
Good luck with your Blend4Web"ing"
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