Canvas Resolution Factor & Texture blur on mobile device

06 January 2016 03:47 #6270
Hi there.

How can I set Canvas Resolution Factor when i export json to my project?

And when I upload my project on my server and view on mobile device, it looks blur.

How can I fix this issue?
07 January 2016 04:53 #6283

here is my test link
07 January 2016 14:55 #6295

Blurriness is caused by low display resolution of mobile devices (in web browsers). Try setting ULTRA quality in your app using the config module and the quality attribute.

Nice model btw
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08 January 2016 23:12 #6355

How can I set Canvas Resolution Factor when i export json to my project?
This is also can be done through the config module by passing the "canvas_resolution_factor" option in the m_app.init() method.

You can also call config.set() method anytime during the application work to dynamically change the resolution:
m_config.set("canvas_resolution_factor", factor);

Blend4Web Team
10 January 2016 12:15 #6394
Hi there. I'm pretty new to coding.

I tried to put code like below.

"use strict"

// register the application module
b4w.register("REAViU_Nike_Shoes", function(exports, require) {

// import modules used by the app
var m_app = require("app");
var m_data = require("data");
var m_config = require("config");

m_config.set("canvas_resolution_factor", 1010);
m_config.set("quality", 2);


I'm not sure that the way i use the quality module..

can you help me to check my link?

still blurry on mobile device. I can see the texture more clearly but the whole looking is not that improved.

it looks like when I publish scene without Use Device Pixel Ratio option on

10 January 2016 15:02 #6398

Please check if the following code works for you.
m_config.set("quality", m_config.P_ULTRA);
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10 January 2016 16:35 #6400
Wow!!! It works. Thank you very much!!!!!!!
10 January 2016 17:04 #6401
Glad we could help!
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