Anchors and logic nodes

06 January 2016 07:04

Is it possible without doing any coding to use anchor annotations, and their parent empties, as objects in a logic node like switch select for example?

Is it also possible without coding to be able to have users switch anchor visibility on and off?

06 January 2016 13:13
try this

Maybe this answers part of the question?
Haven't tried anchors yet.

07 January 2016 05:21
Hi Luke,

Hey, thanks man, that was just what I needed!

I got the anchor visibility to switch on and off using the large cube.

Thanks to the Blend4Web team for adding these great features :)

See the attached blend file.

08 January 2016 01:07
Maybe you should consider reversing the animation in blender as a second action and trigger 2 different actions for this task?

Sorry i answered to another post, from another site. Tired probably. Need to sleep more i think.
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