Control camera orientation with move camera nodes

13 January 2016 06:35

In this animation, there are multiple move camera targets that place the camera in a horizontal position. There are also two different targets ( earth top and earth bottom ) that place the camera in a vertical

When the vertical targets are selected, the orientation of the camera is different from what I would like.
I have tried rotating the target empties, but it does not seem to change the camera positioning.

How can I control the orientation of the camera in these vertical positions?

13 January 2016 12:38

You mean changing the camera UP vector orientation? Probably you could shift empty positions a bit so that your camera could be properly oriented.
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14 January 2016 05:44
Hi Yuri,

Yes, I would like to be able to control which way is "Up" for the camera.

The goal is to have the light from the Sun shining from the same side of the camera in all
of the camera positions.

I have tried rotating the camera target empty on its axis, but it did not solve the problem.
14 January 2016 10:53
i discovered by accident yesterday that the move to node takes i account the rotation of the target.
I used a torus for testing. I didn't like it laying flat on the ground so i rotated it 90 degrees. Then when my moving object moved to it on the way to the Torus it rotated 90 degrees in the same direction.
I'm not sure but maybe you could parent the camera to a empty and use a move to node to move the empty and use move camera to change the target of your camera.
Kinda Hachy but well… I noticed, sometimes, strange camera behavior regarding the orientation after a move camera i wonder if it is caused by a kind of reset of the rotate values?
15 January 2016 05:29

I set up what I think you are describing, but it does not seem to work. Sounds like a good strategy though

There is a simplified blend file attached to play with if you're at all inclined.
15 January 2016 13:41
Take a look at camera bottom target! You must have modified it inn edti mode. So you modified the way the vertices look but not the origin of the object nore it's orientation. Moving to this object means going to the center of the scene with Z up.
You might even consider trying again without emptys…
Image attached.
17 January 2016 01:33

Oops - missed that!

Thanks for pointing out the mistake. I think I found the solution though - after removing the camera parent empty, and deleting the "Move to" node, I relocated the bottom camera target cone's origin from the center of the cone to the top of the cone.

The camera now seems to see the top of the cone as "up" and the orientation works fine.

I have attached the modified blend file.
17 January 2016 02:21
Happy to help !
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