Why doesn't this Blender Internal material render in Blend4Web? [Solved]

24 January 2016 05:38
I created a simple material in Blend4Web that has a color texture plugged into a Material node, and finally an Output node.

For some reason this renders in the Blender Internal engine, but not in Blend4Web.
In the Blend4Web Viewer the material just renders white.

Am I using some unsupported feature I am not aware of? Is this because of a bug? Or am I doing something else wrong?


Using B4W v15.12, Blender 2.76b, OS X 10.6.8, tested on Firefox 43 and Chrome 47
Thanks in advance for any help.
24 January 2016 08:10
Never mind - I got it!

Had to use a Geometry node's UV output to specify the UV coordinates.

24 January 2016 14:31
Though you have already figured this out, I'll add that Blend4Web often says what is the problem in the browser console (F12).
Anyway, we need to manage default UV like this is done in Blender. I think, this feature will be added in future releases.
25 January 2016 08:09
Thanks, Evgeny. Yes, having more consistency leaves less possibility for confusion. For now I'm just happy that it works!
I will keep in mind that tip about checking the console.
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