Play Animation nodes not working when daisy-chained

28 January 2016 13:54
First, here is Configuration A, which is working. An armature that is the parent of a cube moves (LocRot). The cube follows.


Configuration B is similar, except that in addition to the armature moving, a bone is also supposed to move, causing a face of the cube to open like a door. The setup isn't working, and I'm not sure what to do instead.


I'm hoping someone can kindly explain the right way to trigger two Play Animation nodes from a single Switch Select (user's mouse click).
28 January 2016 14:03

You should change behaviours in Play Animation nodes.
For example, if you set "Finish Stop" for both nodes, animations will be played one after another and object will save it's state after all.
Blend4Web Team - developer
28 January 2016 14:12
Thank you, Konstantin.
Is there a way to play them both at the same time?
28 January 2016 14:47
For now with logic editor you can play only one animation per object simultaneously
Blend4Web Team - developer
28 January 2016 16:26
OK, thanks for explaining this.
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