16.01 - how to use new "Line Rendering" empty feature

31 January 2016 06:53

I have looked at the .blend file for the new line rendering feature using an empty in 16.01, but I am not sure how to use it in an animation.

Is it possible to set thickness, color and alpha for lines using the Blender GUI, or is programming also necessary?

I would like to use this to draw planet orbits. A tutorial or more detailed description would be appreciated.

31 January 2016 15:04

This feature requires programming to create a line and set its width/color/alpha params. See sources of the "Lines" code snippet to learn more.
27 July 2017 19:15
Hello Alexander Kovelenov, i'am trying to create a line renderer anchored to Html element, when the camera rotate, the line change the second point position.
i have successfully created a line in 3D space canvas but it's fixed when i rotate the camera by referring to this example :

how can i achieve this ? can i found some tutorial or directions ?
thank you all
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