404's after compilation

04 February 2016 17:48

So, we have a rather complex project set up and working fine, but we have run into some problems on the compilation stage for final delivery of our app. I believe we must be missing some step on the (pre)compilation process, but we've been unable to find an explanation to this in the docs.

We have a standard (not bundled) project, with all assets on their regular sdk locations.
We compile with the link in the Project Manager; all options set to defaults except for:
engine_type = copy
js_ignore = (some scripts)
css_ignore = (some styles)
The console returns a success and all files seem to be processed fine.

Problem is, we presumed this compiled app would be suitable for delivery but it's not: once we place the contents of deploy/apps/[ourapp] in the webserver, the page throws a 404 on the .json file for the project (looks for it in [server]/assets/[ourapp]/[ourapp].json, but this folder was not created on compilation).
If we manually place the assets folder there to get away with the error (containing the json, bin, and textures), the error goes away and the app loads fine.

So, we do know how to get around the problem, but it makes us think we might be missing some part of the compilation process, and we'd rather go by the book with it to avoid potential problems.

Any hints on this would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot.

04 February 2016 17:58
Hi Alex and welcome to this forum!

You should use the command line utility called in order to deploy your app outside the SDK directory.
See the Deploying Projects section of the manual.
The GUI for this task will be available in the Project Manager starting from the next release.
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04 February 2016 18:13
Hi Yuri,
thanks a lot for the fast response.

Great, that explains it. We'll get going with the .py and get back to you if we have any further problems.
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