How to create a glowing materials.

09 February 2016 02:07
Hello Blend4Web Team,

First of all i'm really thankful for this kind of tool/software (for being open-source and more simplier and easy-to-use compare to BabylonJS).

I'm making a simple object - a cube - with 2 materials, the other material is for glowing effects. I'm able to make it emit a light on blender render by enabling the indirect lighting. But whenever i play it with the SDK (fast preview) the blue material doesn't emit lights at all. I dont know how to make it emit lights on blend4web :/ is there anyway to achieve this kind of effect? Thanks.

You could see the attached blend file.
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09 February 2016 10:46
There's some mistakes in yor file. At first, Blend4Web dosn't support node textures, so you can use only images as textures. At Second, glow in Blend4Web it's not the same glow effect like in Cicles. It's just emulate a glowing with bluring edges of the object with shadless effect, but it can't really light the scene, so you need to create light like Point or Sun or enable Environment Lighting to light your scene. In third, glow effect can be only used in node material with special Glow node. I changed your sample a little to show you how to use Glow node.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
09 February 2016 11:06
Hello Mikhail, thanks for the info. I'll take a look on that .blend file :) Thanks again.
Facebook: elik.eric
Twitter: @JohnTheEric
04 October 2017 12:02
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