Contest: Smartphone Presentation, entries

09 February 2016 11:54
Hello everyone! It's time to announce our next competition!

This time conciseness and professionalism will be the leitmotif of the contest!
The prize pool stays the same: $1000! Also the winners will receive a discount on our SDK PRO: 30, 20 and 10 percent off for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

You can read about the rules and criteria here.

Good luck, everyone! :)

Please note that this topic is for your entries only. You can discuss the contest here.
06 March 2016 13:29

Here is my entry for the Smartohone Presentation contest.
I took this contest as an occasion to try out the blend4web SDK and I was really impressed how easy it makes porting 3D into the web. And with some coding knowledge you can do really exciting things. - This will be probably the next step I have to take in account.
But no further words. Here is the link to the application:
08 March 2016 22:55

This is my first project in blend4web SDK. It was a pleasure and I hope I will create more works in this aplication.

Link to my work:

And zip archive:
10 March 2016 01:07
Edit: Okay, since many people are posting beyond last-minute submissions, I will post mine as well.

There is so much more I wanted to add in terms of interactivity and description, but essentially the concept is:
A smart phone with a screen that wraps all the way around the device, and can be unwrapped when maximum screen space is desired.
It also includes dual panoramic cameras that each capture a hemisphere of the environment and then use and algorithm to stitch the "equator". The result is 360°x360° panoramic photos and videos - yay! It can take conventional photos from both directions as well, in case you eager customers are wondering.

Behold… µ-tation Phone.

Click the body of the phone to see the HemiCams and Wrap Display demonstrated.

View the presentation
Download the source files

I wanted to create a "concept" phone with features nobody has seen before. This has been fun!

10 March 2016 03:59
Hy all. I finaly had a littel time to propose something for this competition. I am glad i made even if my project is quite ruff around the edges and lot's of optimisation should be done. The good thing is that i learned a lot about Blender and Blend4Web ( they are still thing i need to workout…).
Anyway, without further ado

The Zip

10 March 2016 04:18
Hello! This is my entry. (The upload took some time:·( )

It was the first time I used Blend4Web and I really like it! Even if I begun last week, I discovered a lot of interesting things and I can't wait testing out the API!

I just had a hard disk drive breaking … :·( But my project survived!

I hope you'll like it and good day! ;·)


10 March 2016 04:54


Hi, this is my last minute entry but I hope you like it.
have fun!

10 March 2016 11:10
And we have one more entry! The contestant sadly had problems with registering/authentication on the forums (we're still trying to find the issue)

He sent the files to our mail. We want to keep things fair for everyone, so I'll post his work here instead

His name is Leroy, he is from China. Here's his entry:

10 March 2016 11:12
Okay, entries closed! You can find other entries on Russian forum thread.

Good luck everyone! The results might be ready tomorrow

UPD: in case of red-hot debates we must consider shifting the date a little
So the results might be ready at Monday as well!
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