Specifying Glow Settings

10 February 2016 18:38
I am studying the documentation for Glow Output and have made a test .blend in which the glow works.

In the Previewer I can expand the Glow Materials section in the sidebar and change the values for:
・Small Glow Mask Intensity
・Large Glow Mask Intensity
・Small Glow Mask Width
・Large Glow Mask Width

After playing with these sliders a bit I've found the values I want to use.
Now how can I change these slider values for my scene?
Thanks in advance for any help.
10 February 2016 18:43
Just set up this values in Render > Glow Materials.
Blend4Web Team
10 February 2016 22:05
Perfect! Thank you, Kirill. I had overlooked this.
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