Getting object and object name from object id?

11 February 2016 12:47 #7357
With reference to this:

get_object_by_name(name, data_idopt)

is it possible for me to get the name of the object from it's data ID?

Thanks :)

11 February 2016 15:21 #7369
get_object_by_name(name, data_idopt)
Data Id is not an Object id . It is a unique identifier for data which was loaded from .json file by data.load() method. It will be different for a same object which is loaded several times. This is an optional parameter an by default it equals zero (for the first loaded json).

You need to know a name of the required object from blend scene. And it should be used in methods like get_object_by_name.
Blend4Web developer
11 February 2016 15:35 #7370
I see, that makes sense. Thank you so much
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