How Making Augmented Realty using Blend4Web

03 December 2014 19:51
Hello All, i need help and i am very very newbie about blend4web , I want to develope virtual object include simple animation like aumented reality.

Is blend4web can be a way out?

03 December 2014 20:32
Hi and welcome!

I think augmented reality could be implemented with Blend4Web. Some coding will be required anyway.
The Founder | Twitter
07 May 2015 18:18
Augmented Reality is certainly creating a lot of buzz in various industries.

If I come across some JS or Py based AR code, I'll include the forum in my research.
Looking forward to going full 3d.
07 May 2015 19:20
Found a tutorial

Since Blend4Web uses glMatrix too, most of this tutorial should be valid for our engine.
The Founder | Twitter
08 October 2015 12:14
I would love to see this as well, and it would be an even greater game-changer for Blend4Web (applause) and for the Blender community. I found this:

Excited to see where this leads!
14 October 2016 15:05
Hi! i'm new user of blend4web, i'd like to work with AR in a website, i saw that it's possible integrating jsartoolkit, but how do it?

in the html page? or wherever? a little tutorial is welcome , because i'm not programmer

Best regards
Graphic Designer/Web
3D Artist
14 October 2016 19:02
Hi and welcome to the Blend4Web forums!

We haven't an AR tutorial yet. To be honest we didn't try implementing AR with Blend4Web. Something to consider in the future.
The Founder | Twitter
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