Texture loading error on Samsung phone "Internet" browser

16 February 2016 10:12
Texture loading error on Samsung phone "Internet" browser
(right top)

It seems like it dosen't work well with Internet browser App.

Can you help me to check this?

sketchfab webgl on this App is working pretty well..

if is not possible to fix, then is there any way to open chrome when it detect other web browser?

for example,

if user use pc, don't do anything.

if user use mobile phone, check the web browser, if is not safari or chrome

then open the same link on chrome.

is it possible?

Please help me

this is big issue..
16 February 2016 10:48

We couldn't reproduce the issue with our Note 4,8.
Could you tell me, please, what mobile device do you use.
16 February 2016 11:06
We've checked on Samsung Galaxy S4, S6, A5(Korea version)

is everything ok on your side??

Can you help me to check with this as well?

16 February 2016 11:09
or is there any way to force to open chrome and show it??
16 February 2016 11:20
Hi, I can reproduce this bug on my Samsung S6 Edge phone. It is somehow related to the texture. We'll look deeper at this.
The Founder | Twitter
16 February 2016 11:24
Ok Thank you :)

hope to see this issue fixed soon

please let me know if you need anything from my side.
16 February 2016 11:45
Could you please send us the Blender file for the shoes model at the support e-mail?
The Founder | Twitter
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