Use Device Pixel Ratio

19 February 2016 02:39

When I re-size the 3d-canvas(iframe or view on mobile device) its pixelated.

I found that when i tested in and use Use Device Pixel Ratio.

The issues is fixed.(if i unchecked it's pixelated too)

is there any way to solve this issue?

Thank you :)
19 February 2016 03:47


here you can compare on mobile

if I increase the canvas_resolution_factor, it seams like its solved a bit. but getting slower on mobile phone
19 February 2016 16:43

I run these demos on my Samsung S6 Edge in Chrome and they look fine for me. In the stock "Internet" browser both demos do not show textures though as it was reported before.

Please note that canvas_resolution_factor is intended for getting the best quality at the expense of performance, to be used for making screenshos mostly.
Prefer using ULTRA quality setting instead. Also try changing anti-aliasing quality in blender.
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