Blend4Web 16.02 Early Developer Preview

19 February 2016 19:20
Blend4Web 16.02 Developer Preview is available. In the upcoming release:

  • all GLSL nodes are now supported (including Vector Curves, RGB Curves, ColorRamp and Particle Info)
  • node-based materials for particles are now supported
  • many improvements in the Project Manager
  • animation of environment params
  • improved camera, logic editor and much more

The stable release is scheduled in the middle/end of the next week.

For the list of new features see the release notes inside SDK builds.
20 February 2016 18:59
The builds have been updated.
20 February 2016 19:54
Does it support GLSL light info node as well?

Nice update btw, keep it up !
20 February 2016 19:59
Yes we also support that node!

In the docs located inside developer preview builds you can find a table which includes support status for all Blender nodes. This docs will also be available on this website soon.
21 February 2016 00:58
Yey ! thanks Alexander
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