B4W Rendered view is completely differnet

01 March 2016 06:40
don't know if this is the place to ask design questions but 1) why is my rendered view in B4W html way off from where my rendered window is showing in Blender? 2) Why does B4W render so drastically different than Blender render? Does B4W support Cycles?

And 3) why doesn't this forum allow me to post pictures rather than having to load them on my server every time?

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01 March 2016 11:28
1: you are looking at Solid shading in the Viewport. It means you won't see materials at all - except their diffuse color. You need to switch to Texture or Material type of shading using GLSL :

But still there will be differences. Because Blender's Viewport rendering of semi-transpatent materials is really outdated and buggy. We are using more convenient algorithms of transparency. We will help Blender team in improving those algorithms in the future.
Moving on - in FAQ we have this answered: Blender Render and Cycles Render are raytracing renderers, it is not suitable for realtime rendering. What we are using is close to BGE rendering algorithms. Of course you can bake all textures in BI/Cycles and use them in realtime, but their shading (effects like dynamic shadows, transparency, miirrors, etc.) is just too heavy for realtime. We have simplified algorithms of all that effects, you can read about it in documentation.
Forum allows you to upload files up to 30 mb, this button does it:

Hope it helps :)
01 March 2016 19:20
Ah –thank you thank you. i will continue to play around with it. The potential of this software is great –i really wanted to learn it so I could eventually use it show show clients their prototype designs but I probably won't get very far until the 3rd party book comes out. Any release date for a tutorial book in mind?
Hello from Sunny Los Angeles!
02 March 2016 11:09
Thank you!
We have lost of things in our documentation, also there are video tutorials on our Youtube channel (there will be more), and also look through Will Welker's channel, he made great tutorials too They are a bit outdated, but mostly it's okay.

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