Same Material and light problem

01 March 2016 10:56
Hi, it's me again..

I encounter a strange behavior, and i'm not sure it's B4W related.
I'm working on a project, and two objects with the same material render different, due to light

An image is better than words so :

Red - yellow - Green with same material, no texture, cast & receive, dynamic objects.
I agree with green, the shadow must be here, but in this case the red as well…..

PS : the light is not direct in front or behind

Thanks for help and keep going, your sdk is wonderful
01 March 2016 11:46
Hey martial!

Could you attach your .blend file? I need to look at the setup
01 March 2016 12:11
01 March 2016 18:23
Well, I don't know if it is exactly the problem here, but it definitely must be fixed.
Please look through the geometry, especially those places.

You can see problems even in Blender viewport, they can lead to the final non-pleasant result. Try to fix the geometry so there won't be any overlapping each other faces.

And try to use as little lamps as possible
01 March 2016 19:09
ouah, didn't notice them, until you show me.
I correct this and check after
02 March 2016 02:29
problem still here :(
02 March 2016 10:55
Recalculate the normals on those sticks that are shaded wrong. Go to edit mode, select everything and press ctrl+N. That should fix it
02 March 2016 11:11
work like a charm thanks
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