Time Gear: Pokemon 20th anniversary!

01 March 2016 12:51
Hey everyone :)

Seven years ago I was hardly struck by a nostalgia. I started replaying Pokemon games on my old Game Boy. And then at first time a thought came to my mind: "Oh it'd be cool to make 3D models of pokemons!"
3D - because I was too lazy to learn drawing properly

So that's how I came into 3D world, that's how I was introduced to that great tool - Blender. All it started back then, and recently I heard that soon will be 20th Pokemon anniversary. And I decided to pay tribute to the franchise that helped me find my path in Life: a path of a 3D artist


Static img

Main scene

This is the Time Gear - one of the few that hold the time-space continuum in Pokemon world. While those gears are in places and work, everything is fine
And I wanted to make the scene using Blend4Web specifically (I could have used Cycles or Blender Internal, etc.), because I wanted people to experience the scene themselves. You can't show the right mood using gif or video as good as interactive scene does - that's what I thought. And I think I was correct

Sadly there's a bug in Firefox: it doesn't play sound on some devices.

The signature in the down-left corner is clickable

UPD: Attached sources
The .blend file. Everything is packed :)
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