multiple Materials

04 March 2016 14:09
I'm struggling with textures. I can't fin a way to have two different textures on One object… I wonder if it is possible in Blend4web?
I have different UVmaps buts the textures is always the same on both sides of my object…

I isolated the object on a layer. Maybe i should do different object for each side of the wall. The conflicting materials are murSalonBibli and MaterialChambre.

I would love some advise!
04 March 2016 15:33

I don't think I understand what exactly you want to achieve in the material. You can use up to 2 UVs (you have 3 UVs now).
Then we don't support stack materials with textures as nodes: we support only color/shading information.

I made a working example of two textures with different UVs mixing and also there's a third texture (normal map). Please take a look at how everything is arranged: this is the correct way to do it


04 March 2016 15:35
Thank you.
I got mixt up between material slots and selection… Found the right way two assign each material the desired faces.

What i really wanted was to assign different material to different faces.
I look at your blend file. That answers exactly the next question i was going to ask. Thank you very much.
Can i use your blend in a tutorial? I was thinking of doing a video on UVs and That.
04 March 2016 15:38
Okay I see, glad you figured it out
04 March 2016 16:44
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