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08 December 2014 08:07
This video still feel good

Bring me some questions

This is my test scene

Blend4web why name Blend4web
Maybe Blender 4D website
Hope to see Blend4web development roadmap

08 December 2014 11:37
Eah, interesting video

You're going in right direction :) Curves used in this example in fact are complex clipping nodes. They can be replaced with node squeeze value or our special node group "smooth step" :) It is in our SDK here: external/blender/dev_nodes

About normal output : Blender uses view-based coordinates while B4W uses world coordinates by default. To fix that add another special node group called vector view - it is where smooth step is

And one more thing: your model seems pretty complex, so I recommend you to add a mask (maybe even some masks) where this fake AO won't work: I mean where will be capillaries, cartilages etc. : things that won't let light pass through them :)

Here is your file. I made some changes, added vector view and smoothstep and reorganized it. Try to play with values, add some textures, some masks - I believe it will look great!

I didn't understand two last pictures - you would like to see render type like this or visual constructor? Or just another design?

Blend4Web - Blend For Web :) It's a wordplay

And, finally, about roadmap - we're working on it, it will be available soon
09 December 2014 03:31
Ha ha, good, through your explanation, see too many reasons, it may be this year I learn the most useful knowledge.
09 December 2014 03:31
Thanks Pavel Kotov,Thank you for your selfless dedication。
09 December 2014 10:41
Glad to hear that! You're welcome And good luck
10 December 2014 11:16
Thank you, yes, I feel B4W is very friendly, to tell us the truth behind, to resolve our doubts.

Also, because we are beginners, will ask a lot of questions, but does not have the ability to make a contribution to the B4W. So I feel very sorry.
I also worry that many issues affecting your work and life, but I will be looking forward to more and better B4W.

So I can put forward some of my personal experience:

1 about the video: can consider to do some demonstration video, this may only see the operation will be able to understand, this is very important, can break the language barrier.
For example, I actually knew that before Blend4web, and later see the video to be able to understand him, only to find that he's really very useful. Even trigger a new round of reform of the internet.

2 about the help documentation: I later found out that my questions actually you are the help document, the scene demonstration, but because no good understanding.
Houdini help documentation I think we can learn from, a node of a demonstration, can clearly know the main application of the direction of its. Even if is not good in English can also know 90% I think it will bring B4W more users.

3 about special node: they exist in the form of a GROUP, the call is not very convenient, you might consider integrated in B4W addons. Because they are very useful.

4: about modular: The formal framework for B4W in a modular to on Blender, such as this image
I feel this can work more focused, ensure that in the Blender and to the Internet are the same, and not every result test. Everyone feels like developers.
Compatibility issues to strong B4W team to solve.


Finally, because we like a thing will often give him find faults, the aim is to hope that he is more perfect. I don't care I was right, I just wanted to let you know:
You in the effort, we in the heart.

Pavel Kotov in my heart like the Steve Jobs so charming, if you have the opportunity to come to China Chongqing, I will treat you with the most enthusiastic way. You can also be understood as I to your invitation.
10 December 2014 16:11
There's no need to be sorry - by showing us some bugs and problems you're helping us very much It shows us ways to improve :)

1. Right now we're preparing to CG Event in Moskow, after that we definitely will make some video tutorials. It is more complicated than text-and-pics tutorials, but it gives ways more information, and we're looking towards to make lots of videos

2. Documentation will be improved, too - we'll add more visual examples and demonstrations.

3. I spoke with guys, it's a great idea! We'll think how to make it, thank you

4. We have thing like this on iur plans :) Blender GLSL viewport is being improved and we will work to recreate in viewport exactly what will be shown in browser

5. I understand what you mean :) We will work hard and make our engine better and friendlier to everyone

Oh, I really appreciate it, thanks! Well, I just like to help people It's very nice to know that I could help :)
You're welcome in Moscow too
30 December 2014 22:23
I agree with # 4). I think it would be very helpful to simply have a "Blend4web" specific mode; in-place of having to export json files to use externally in the SDK.
30 December 2014 22:44
@mcolinp Agreed absolutely! We are now making first steps with Blender development. These are our patches - all aimed to reduce the gap between our WebGL renderer and the Blender viewport. Having in mind the manifested Blender development roadmap (OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible viewport and the interactive mode) we hope to eventually achieve a seamless 3D authoring environment.
Meantime, Blend4Web mode in Blender is in our near-term plans. This will group all Blend4Web-specific properties together with Blend4Web-supported native Blender features while sorting out unsupported properties. Usability will be our number one goal for 2015.
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