Move car-WASD

07 March 2016 00:30
I've made a track in blender with a car and simple control WASD.
I export the file with the Blend4web add-on.
When I open it, the model, the texture, everything is correct.
My question is, how to move the car?

09 March 2016 11:52
Hello and welcome to the forum.

I don't know which way you have chosen to setup vehicle controls, but I suppose, it was Logic Editor or Python scripting. None of this is supported in Blend4Web.

The easiest way to create vehicles controls with WASD in Blend4Web application is to call the m_app.enable_object_controls(vehicle_obj) function.

For more precise controls you need to setup you own sensor manifolds and use methods like this.
09 March 2016 13:52
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