Camera Position

07 March 2016 13:15

On my project i load blend4web in a iframe, with custom javascrit etc…
I want the main object to take 100% of the iframe, but i can't make it work.
I tried focale etc….

Then i realised i haven't the same position camera in blender and blend4web preview.
So i tried with an scene with 3 cubes and go some differences, but i my project it makes huge differences.

On a simple scene with 3cube, we can see in blender the upper face on the 2nd cube, but not in blend4web preview…
07 March 2016 18:40
There are two things that can lead to such differences.

1) Camera Sensor Type. Blend4Web uses Vertical type. If you select another option, a warning stating that it is not a supported type will appear.

2) You probably use a Target camera. It uses a predefined point which it will be rotated around in the application. You can adjust Target Location or you can choose another camera type.

09 March 2016 10:00

Thanks for reply.
yeah i use the default camera, i have to export and test to be sure of the camera position each time.

I deal with it.
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