Animating alpha value

08 December 2014 16:38
Hi again…

Is it possible to animate material's alpha value with NLA scripts?

I'm trying to make an interface in which by pressing objects planes with text appear on the screen. I can get the transparency to work by setting "alpha sort" from the game engine, but I can't get the transparency to animate. I want the planes to be transparent in front of the camera (parented), and then by clicking something to become opaque.

What I already did/tried:
- setting "alpha sort/blend/clip/add" for the material in game engine
- animating the material's alpha value
- converting the animation into NLA strip
- setting up the interface with addon's NLA script blocks

I also tried to do the interface by animating the parented plane's position so that it would come on the screen from outside. But that didn't work either, so I guess animating parented object's location isn't possible?

08 December 2014 17:55
Hi again

Here is an example: node VALUE which goes to alpha is animated :) I made an NLA strip and added markers. In NLA script made SELECT AND JUMP - the interaction trigger is PLANE. Hope it will help



And yeah, you can't animate parented object, however if it is needed you can use skinning instead of it .
09 December 2014 11:11
Thank you very much, Pavel! That solved the problem
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