Animating alpha value

08 December 2014 16:38 #668
Hi again…

Is it possible to animate material's alpha value with NLA scripts?

I'm trying to make an interface in which by pressing objects planes with text appear on the screen. I can get the transparency to work by setting "alpha sort" from the game engine, but I can't get the transparency to animate. I want the planes to be transparent in front of the camera (parented), and then by clicking something to become opaque.

What I already did/tried:
- setting "alpha sort/blend/clip/add" for the material in game engine
- animating the material's alpha value
- converting the animation into NLA strip
- setting up the interface with addon's NLA script blocks

I also tried to do the interface by animating the parented plane's position so that it would come on the screen from outside. But that didn't work either, so I guess animating parented object's location isn't possible?

08 December 2014 17:55 #671
Hi again

Here is an example: node VALUE which goes to alpha is animated :) I made an NLA strip and added markers. In NLA script made SELECT AND JUMP - the interaction trigger is PLANE. Hope it will help



And yeah, you can't animate parented object, however if it is needed you can use skinning instead of it .
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09 December 2014 11:11 #685
Thank you very much, Pavel! That solved the problem
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