Framebuffer Feedback Loop

20 March 2016 11:53
Hi all.
First post here on the forum. I feel it is necessary to thank the team behind the fascinating project. It has opened unimaginable doors to me. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I am using B4W for some "artistic" purposes and was wondering if something similar to this would be possible. In short Framebuffer Feedback Looping. I have realized that increasing motion blur to max (1) in the scene has very similar effects. I tried increasing it through code to something above the value of 1, but it disables the effect entirely.

Is something like possible with B4W? If so how would one go about implementing this?

Thank you all in advance, and happy first day of spring and Nowrouz.
25 March 2016 12:54
Hello and welcome to our forums!

It's not possible to set it more for now. But you can try using particles. Look through the file I made:
you can also turn OFF the rotation., I thought it looked cool so I left it ON
28 March 2016 04:29
Lovely example.
Thanks for getting back to me and thank you for taking the time to put this together.
28 March 2016 16:13
You're welcome!
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