Water shader

12 December 2014 18:50
I'm looking for some guidance on implementing water in a scene. The documentation is goes over the various settings but I'm not having any success with it at all. Any tips or suggestions that can be offered would be greatly appreciated.
12 December 2014 19:55
Hello and welcome

I made an easy water material for you, feel free to ask if you need some explanation :)

Note: in the scene tab in our Blend4Web section stands "render refractions"


12 December 2014 21:02
Thank you Pavel, very much appreciated
09 October 2015 03:14
Hi Pavel. Thanks very much. I downloaded it and I will check it out. I have a slightly different question, which may also help Shamusboy in his quest for liquid glory. The documentation speaks of normal maps - but how do I bake these? Shore map I found easily, but is there a secret button to bake the waves based on the settings in the materials tab? I could bake from an ocean modifier, but that seems to defeat the purpose. Also, I am making a scene with a patch of ocean and everything looks like it is underwater. I flipped the water plane's normals (although it was fine) and still the same.
09 October 2015 10:56
Hi robstawithlove! :)

Did I understand you correctly - you have some dynamic waves set up (with B4W) and you want to bake it to the texture? Or like vertex animation? Anyway, if I got it right, then nope, because waves are generated in the engine, not in Blender

and everything looks like it is underwate
Now I'm curious Can you show the screenshot please? Or the file - it will be even better :)
09 October 2015 15:47
Hi Pavel. Thank you for the reply. The files are attached. I see the generated waves, which is great, but I think my confusion comes from this image in the documentation -

As you can see in my example, the world is filled with water, has a weird texture and discolours everything :)
09 October 2015 17:01
Thanks, we found a bug

The fog under the World tab starts to render when generated water is active. So turn it ON ant set it up as you like - and it'll work :) It will be fixed, but for npw this is a workaround.

Oh, and add a Wind force field for waves to start moving. :)
09 October 2015 17:07
Yay! I like when I trip things up! LOL. That is my contribution to the development process :)

Thanks for the workaround! I'll try it out. And thanks very much for the Wind advice.

15 October 2016 15:49
wow this moving texture its amazing
Hello VR-World!!
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