Node Materials - Tutorials & Further Reading?

27 March 2016 15:17
Hi, long time no post!

I'm very much a newb when it comes to creating node materials - most of the time when I see them, it looks like bunches of spaghetti and I wonder just what is going on, and want to tap into their power.

Is there a good place to look to learn how to build these, with explanations of just what all the splitting and calculating and reconnecting is doing? Also, some simpler examples so I can begin to learn what's going on by doing? I've tried looking around, but most of what I've found so far deals with cycles, so no use to me Thanks.
28 March 2016 10:36
Hi, look here. Today news.
Blend4web and that kind of thing.
28 March 2016 11:45
I'm working on the complex node tutorial series now :) It'll take some time though.

I have an old node tutorial here, it's on Russian and I cover only basics in it. But maybe you can find something useful from here

Start from 2:50, because I have a long intro before starting :)
29 March 2016 17:30
Thanks, both of you!

@Pavel - so you're the "pasta chef"! I can't wait! Darn, I should have learned Russian!
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