Shape And Flat

31 March 2016 12:44

I'm working on a projet, and after using different JSON, i want to use shape keys to transform my object.
I read the doc, and it works well, but it forces shading Smooth each time

Any idea?
I did a simple cube with a shape, and as soon as i click preview the shading is smooth.
Any idea?
31 March 2016 17:03

Flat shading support for shape keys is already in our TODO list.
01 April 2016 09:39
too bad for my projet but thanks for the answer.
I will find another solution, actualy i load one JSON on button click and it at the end to modelize the object it became lot of files, so i tried to modify geometry to make it with better performance (simple objects)

Thanks btw
08 July 2016 16:51
any new info for flat shading implmentation ?

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