inverse parenting help please

17 December 2014 03:52
I have an image imported aligned to VIEW so it matches the camera. I parent the image to the camera. I remove Parent Inverse from the image. The image goes flying off in space, completely not where I set it.

How do I position a camera, position an image to parent to camera, remove inverse parent from image, and have the image stay where it was when originally parented?
17 December 2014 10:46
Here I wrote about it. The thing is - a child copies transforms of a parent - even ones that was made before parenting. It is an inverse parenting and when you clean it - child takes all parent's transforms and adds it to its own transforms. Or something like that

And here's another method - addon "Copy attributes menu". When everything is set, copy your child, clear inverse parent and copy location/rotation of a copy (select child, then copy, CTRL+c ->location etc.)

But in our next release it won't be necessary - we will support inverse parenting
17 December 2014 19:57
Good info, especially that it will be taken care of in the next release! I can wait…

edit: I know I wrote I would wait, but I just tried the Copy Attributes and it worked perfectly, so maybe I'll use that in the meantime after all.
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