Video Textures

17 December 2014 12:16

I try to Animate Video Textures, for now it works only with the m4v Videoformat and only in my chrome browser.

My Question: Is this the only supported format from the engine, or if i miss something?

17 December 2014 12:52

My Question: Is this the only supported format from the engine, or if i miss something?
You can use "webm", "m4v", "ogv" video formats. May be your browser does not support your video format. Please, check it.
Yours truly Blend4Web team
19 December 2014 02:35
I just tried video texture for 1st trial and used OGV. It only plays in Chrome. In FF, it causes horrendous camera slow down, and shows no movie. In IE, it does not even try to load the OGV, so no slowdown in moving the camera.
19 December 2014 08:51
Yes, same here,
it don't trouble myself too much.
My Settings:
x64 Machine
Win 8.1
Firefox Version 34.0
Chrome: Version 41.0.2251.0 dev-m
Blender 27.2
Blend4Web version 14.11
19 December 2014 09:31
Ok guys

I'd recommend using webm format. It has better quality and is open-sourced (myvideo.webm). For browsers like safari and IE you need also MPEG4 video, so you should use some converter, append lossconv suffix and place the new file along webm one (myvideo.lossconv.m4v). You may also check our converter from SDK, in the upcoming release it will be even better.

About ogv issue, thats some kind of a bug, will check it, thanks for report.
19 December 2014 19:17
I have some updates about this issue

We have looked and encountered that there is a Firefox bug. Thus it's not possible to use video textures (any format) from html in this browser, so consider json export.

Also there is no support for video fallback in html (for IE or Safari if you use webm, for Firefox and Chromium if you use m4v). Again, consider json export.
20 December 2014 04:31
Today, I started doing json export for work stuff and will be using it more, so that works fine for me. What I don't like is the M4V website, dang thing designed and written by engineers. Just give me a download link for encoder and instructions! I look forward to the upcoming release of B4W, a few very handy additions like inverse parenting, click object to go to another page, audio fix for Firefox, better converter…

CSS question: How do I go about making a json load fill an entire browser window? I only seem to be able to set a specific pixel height, in the case above, that is 800px height, but I'd like the canvas to fill the entire browser window.
20 December 2014 15:28

Encoding video can be a tricky job, I don't know about websites, you may try Handbrake or some other GUI utility. Our converter depends on ffmpeg (libav tools) to operate and tested for UNIX OSes only (Linux/OS X). This converter designed for large amount of resources and can also convert textures and audio.

About css, the canvas size is setup by resize() function from main module. This is how it handled in webplayer app:
window.addEventListener("resize", on_resize, false);

function on_resize() {
    var w = window.innerWidth;
    var h = window.innerHeight;
    m_main.resize(w, h);
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