B4W WARN: Not enough varyings

21 April 2016 12:11

I get the message : B4W WARN: Not enough varyings, disable shadows on blend objects
Any idea????
21 April 2016 15:48
Hi. This warning means that your GPU cannot handle some features and they will be turned off. Also, it doesn't mean that your scene will be affected (and will lose in visual quality), unless you use these features - blend materials and shadows in this case. So, the warning always appears in the console, because it depends on a certain hardware.

This is an example of how it can affect a scene with a blend material. Shadows are on:

and off:

P.S. Oh, I've just noticed that the warning message sounds confusing. You don't need to fix your scene, the appropriate actions/workarounds are automatically applied (if needed) in the engine.
22 April 2016 09:12
thanks for the information.
It's strange because i didn't update anything (nvidia driver or windows update) and i see the message only since 2-3 days.
22 April 2016 11:30
Can you check this site: It will show you a detailed description of your GPU with considering the WebGL implementation in a certain browser. There you can find the "Max Varying Vectors" value, which is located under the "Vertex Shader" heading. We expect it to be above 10.
25 April 2016 17:16
Max Varying Vectors: 9
25 April 2016 17:41
We expect it to be above 10
to be precise, it should be above or equal 10

It's strange because i didn't update anything (nvidia driver or windows update)
this also could be your browser, FF was recently updated a week or two ago

Max Varying Vectors: 9
FYI, this can vary in different browsers for certain GPUs (usually old or blacklisted)

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