Create B4W logic nodes by using Python

12 May 2016 18:06

I have (#9455).
Oh sorry, I haven't noticed

I got it! I gave you wrong recommendations(((
You should always specify sock parameter as "Jump_Dummy_Output_Socket".
So code snippet should look like this:

bpy.ops.node.b4w_logic_add_dyn_jump_sock('INVOKE_DEFAULT', node_tree="B4WLogicNodeTree", node="B4WLogicNode", sock="Jump_Dummy_Output_Socket")
Blend4Web Team - developer
12 May 2016 19:26

Thank you very much!

12 May 2016 23:24

Glad to hear!
Looking forward to new interesting questions
Blend4Web Team - developer
06 December 2016 18:04
Reply to post of user bjk
Thank you Konstantin!

After searching I was able to create a small tree (as a start):

import bpy

scene = bpy.context.scene

scene.render.engine = 'BLEND4WEB'
scene.b4w_use_logic_editor = True
bpy.ops.node.new_node_tree(type='B4WLogicNodeTreeType', name="B4WLogicNodeTree")
scene.b4w_active_logic_node_tree = "B4WLogicNodeTree"

ntree =['B4WLogicNodeTree']

e_point ='B4W_logic_node')
e_point.type = 'ENTRYPOINT'

regstore ='B4W_logic_node')
regstore.type = 'REGSTORE'
regstore.floats['inp1'].float = 2 [s]regstore.param_number1 = 1[/s]
regstore.location = 160, 100

sw_select ='B4W_logic_node')
sw_select.type = 'SWITCH_SELECT'
sw_select.location = 400, 100

move_to ='B4W_logic_node')
move_to.type = 'MOVE_TO'
move_to.location = 650, 100

reroute1 ="NodeReroute")
reroute1.location = 600, -100

reroute2 ="NodeReroute")
reroute2.location = 380, -100[0], regstore.inputs[0])[0], sw_select.inputs[0])[0], move_to.inputs[0])[2], reroute1.inputs[0])[0], reroute2.inputs[0])[0], sw_select.inputs[0])

This is okay, I believe, but how do I select an object (the default cube) in Switch_Select and how do I add a new socket?

By the way, I watched the conference video. Congratulations!

Hi bjk,
I would like also add a new logic nodes.
Where do you add this code (above in the quote) ? Do you inject it in the "" file or do you create an extra file for it ?

And where should this code be added:
bpy.ops.node.b4w_logic_add_dyn_jump_sock('INVOKE_DEFAULT', node_tree="B4WLogicNodeTree", node="B4WLogicNode", sock="Jump_Dummy_Output_Socket")

Thank you !
09 December 2016 21:45
Hi Sunnix,
It's all in the Blender file. Look at the attached blend file, run the script and browse the NodeTree to see the result.

For Blender Scripting tutorials take a look at
12 December 2016 14:12
Hi bjk,
great, thank you very much for your attachment.
I've downloaded it on my windows7 desktop, opened it and run the script "blad1". I became the first 3 nodes diplayed in the nodes blender aera but at this point (line 26 in the script) the console displays an error : KeyError: 'bpy_prop_collection[key]: key "vd" not found'
(see screenshot attached)
I use Blender 2.76b and Blend4Web 16.02 SDK. could it be the reason of this trouble ?
Or should I copy your blend file in a specific folder before opening it ?

Thank you for your advice
12 December 2016 22:32
I think it's because of the old SDK version. File has been changed.
The latest version has the lines (from 1911)
                if "entryp" in self:
row.prop_search(self.variables_names["vd"], "variable",
self.id_data.nodes[self["entryp"]], 'variables', text=_('Var. name'))

In 'your' version you 'll find (from 1882)
                if "entryp" in self:
row.prop_search(self, "param_var_dest",
self.id_data.nodes[self["entryp"]], 'variables', text=_('Var. name'))

So in the script you can change line 26
regstore.variables_names['vd'].variable = "R2" 

regstore. param_var_dest = ”R2”
After line 26 you will certainly get more errors like this. Open the logic_node_tree files of both versions to find out what you have to change, or just download the latest SDK version
12 December 2016 22:46
Nice to see people interested in this topic
Blend4Web Team - developer
13 December 2016 17:36
Hi bjk,
Thank you very much for your help !
I'll download the last version to make it. Thanks again
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