Create B4W logic nodes by using Python

12 May 2016 18:06 #9463

I have (#9455).
Oh sorry, I haven't noticed

I got it! I gave you wrong recommendations(((
You should always specify sock parameter as "Jump_Dummy_Output_Socket".
So code snippet should look like this:

bpy.ops.node.b4w_logic_add_dyn_jump_sock('INVOKE_DEFAULT', node_tree="B4WLogicNodeTree", node="B4WLogicNode", sock="Jump_Dummy_Output_Socket")
Blend4Web Team - developer
12 May 2016 19:26 #9464

Thank you very much!

12 May 2016 23:24 #9468

Glad to hear!
Looking forward to new interesting questions
Blend4Web Team - developer
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