Do not export

17 May 2016 22:03
I've learned that in the properties panel there is a "do not export" option for entire scenes in the "scene tab" or individual objects in the "object" tab. Is there any option to exclude layers or groups from export?

I often have many objects on a layer within a scene that I need to exclude from export. I'm hoping there's a better workflow than setting export options for each object individually or moving them to their own scene.
18 May 2016 09:59
Currently, there is no such ability. We have plans on supporting Blender layers in some way, because yes - it will be a more convenient way to work with object groups.

At the moment the most suitable approach is to use object groups linked from another file (or scene) and to set the "do not export" flag on an empty-object which this group is attached to.
25 November 2016 11:37
I think Blender itself needs some development. It is not just about "do not export", but setting any property for multiple objects at once.
Currently it is possible by selecting objects and then ALT-clicking a property to set it for all. But it only works when "Emulate 3 button mouse" is turned of from User Preferences.
I wish I could keep ALT-clicking for scene rotation and somehow still to be able to set any property for multiple objects.
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