Camera Depth of field settings

19 May 2016 23:29
someone know how to change the settings of dof with the Api? I want to change the distance or the rear with a js call, but the Api doc doesnt explain how to change those settings.
20 May 2016 10:44

This can be changed via set_dof_params method:

var m_scenes = require("scenes")
m_scenes.set_dof_params({"dof_rear": 1})

This function takes a single argument - the "DOFParams" object. It can contain the following fields:

    dof_on: true,
    dof_distance: 4,
    dof_front: 4,
    dof_rear: 10,
    dof_power: 2 

Now, I see that the detailed description of the parameter is missing in our api documentation. Thanks for pointing this out, we'll fix it in the near future.

06 December 2016 09:55
Description is still missing from the API documentation.
06 December 2016 15:08
Thank you, Mike! I think we've just forgotten about that. This time it will be fixed before the next release, I promise .
06 December 2016 19:28
I figured it out from this post, admittedly it took quite a bit longer than it could have. ;)

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