Blend4Web 16.05 Early Developer Preview

25 May 2016 19:42
Blend4Web 16.05 Developer Preview is available. In the upcoming release:

  • built-in configurators for game controllers and VR devices
  • support for Vector Transform node
  • dynamic loading of plane and cubemap texture images
  • new batching algorithm optimized for big scenes
  • improved addon usability and much more

The stable release is scheduled in the beginning of the next week.

For the list of new features see the release notes inside the SDK builds.
26 May 2016 19:39
The builds have been updated. Several serious bugs were fixed, so testers are encouraged to download them again.

Thank you for testing!
28 May 2016 21:32
This sounds fantastic !
hahaha ! excited to see the features of new release !
Visualization expert!
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