Creating 3D presentations with Blend4Web templates

27 May 2016 18:08
We all have to create presentations at times. In these cases, you often use specific editors such as Powerpoint. However, technology moves forward and today it`s possible to create fully functional 3D web presentations. Unfortunately, this has been limited to only professional graphic artists and programmers. We decided to simplify this difficult task, and we did almost all the routine work for slide management automation in Blender, which allows you to concentrate on creativity and fresh ideas. In this lesson, we will show you how to work with the "FILM" template, designed as a filmstrip. The template can be used for creating interesting kids` stories as well as business presentations in a novel format.

Fable "The Crow and the Fox" (open)

Full lesson
01 June 2016 19:46
We started a separate channel on YouTube ( for the 3DSlides project. We plan to upload videos with examples of working with 3DSlides templates as well as tutorials.

We also would like to point out to freeware developers the MIT open source license, which Blend4Web templates fall under. We are open to your participation in developing templates and creating open source content on GitHub (
07 June 2016 11:17
We add a tutorial about creating 3D web presentations with film Blend4Web template on YouTube channel

We plan to add new tutorials and examples on YouTube channel in the future.
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