Wich engine to select when creating project?

01 June 2016 11:18
Hello all.
I'm back into blend4web! It's been a while… It's good to bee back.
I am building a simple portfolio around of model of myself. The idea is that i have a model of me on wich you can click. Depending on where you click a <div> opens with information about me or examples of my work.
So i'm starting the project and looking in the project manager i realized i could choose the engine. I wonder witch on would be best for a full screen experience of that kind. I also wonder whet update means. I will leave the default for now but i would love more information on that topic.

Best regards.

02 June 2016 12:47
Hi, Luke. The engine type means how the engine scripts will be handled in your project. This is an advanced option and it's about convenience, not about functionality. You can choose any type and build your application.

A typical workflow is: creating a project, developing, compiling and finally deploying it. All the steps except developing can be done via the project manager (the easiest way). The type, which you choose at the creating stage, affects mostly the compilation, but after you've performed the deploying you will get a complete working application with all the functionality.

The main difference is that if you choose "Compiled", then your application scripts will be compiled into a non-readable minified file. This option is the best for reducing the size of your application, but after deploying you cannot just take the application scripts and continue developing, you will need to modify the dev-version and recompile it again.

Check the documentation here, if you want to learn a bit more: (8th item in the list)

I think we'll improve our documentation and will make the "creating" process more clear in the future.
02 June 2016 13:16
Thanks a lot!

I am not very used to reading API and technical documentation so i tend to need a little extra explanation to be sure about what i do. With time i should get better at it.

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