Dynamic paint in realtime in B4W?

01 June 2016 22:28

I just tried to set up a scene with simple dynamic paint behavior.
but there seems little more things to setup to achieve it perhaps.

have anyone tried it before? OR can anybody address ?

Visualization expert!
02 June 2016 11:24

Take a look please at this example (click to download).

Import the file to your projects
02 June 2016 11:35
Native Blender's dynamic paint isn't supported. But you can reach it using the JSON export and writing code. I hope the example will be helpful for you
02 June 2016 15:58
oh that all is about code… which i out of my brain ! :P
I dn't have any knowledge about writing code and programming, however I hope i will be able to study something by referring your example project files.

Not very simple for me ! :P :P :P haha ;)

Visualization expert!
27 August 2017 03:04
what about nowadays? Any dynamic paint capabilities straight from Blender?

It would really add to the charm of THIS AWESOME BLEND4WEB PAGE
27 August 2017 16:48
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