Blend4Web workshop February 2015, Belgium

30 December 2014 14:34
Free / Libre Art and Technology (F/LAT) - the platform for education and research in free/libre arts & technologies - supported by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation is planning to hold a Blend4Web workshop for web developers and 3D artists. You are invited to the workshop which will be hosted on February 2015 г in Brussels.
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02 February 2015 16:02
09 February 2015 10:49

"After a 4 hours struggle with the javascript API of Blend4Web, we finally succeed to understand the beast!"

by Vincent GiresView online
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02 March 2015 15:00
The workshop resumed on Saturday, February 28. This time the attendees generated meshes with Python scripting. The results were presented in web format.

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