blend4we artist from Asia / India

07 June 2016 18:34
I am looking for a good blend4web artist from Asian region preferably from India.
Good with logic and customization is addition

Pl. get in touch
Visualization expert!
08 June 2016 15:16
You might want to post this on the BA forums too. Someone will surely get in touch soon.
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12 June 2016 21:23
Thats still difficult to find people on this. We are trying our level best to hunt right people.
Actually have few potential enquirers and I believe this will turn out a great for us even for two reasons,
1. we will be able to get commercial copy of B4W
2. There will be good sample to include on this site as potential works done in B4W.

Cheers !
Visualization expert!
04 July 2017 09:47
hi tell your mail to contact you
04 July 2017 09:47
my mail id
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