Blend4Web 16.06 Early Developer Preview

23 June 2016 19:04
Blend4Web 16.06 Developer Preview is available. In the upcoming release:

  • Fast Preview improvements
  • multiple Project Manager improvements
  • experimental support for newest WebVR 1.0 APIs and Samsung Gear VR
  • increased number of supported multimedia formats
  • various usability and stability improvements

The stable release is scheduled in the middle/end of the next week.

For the list of new features see the release notes inside the SDK builds.
24 June 2016 19:54
The builds have been updated. Next week we going to do some renaming, stay tuned.
27 June 2016 09:14

where I can read about "whats new" in these ongoing beta releases / developer versions?

Visualization expert!
27 June 2016 19:21
You can read about it the release notes. Just follow the User Manual link in the SDK index page.
27 June 2016 19:22
The builds have been updated once again. Tomorrow one can expect the first release candidate.
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