cam ratioand min/max

02 January 2015 11:19
is their a best camera size or object size for the sake of standardizing? I build in real world scales, but they don't always work for particles systems. So, is there a standard size an object should be, a standard camera frame ratio that should be used? As a made up example, an object should be a minimum of 1 meter and a 1920x1080 cameras is the best and if the object is centered, then a Min of 2 and a Max of 10 will always work. I ask just to set up a consistent look and workflow. I can experiment, but my system is being used to render for the next 2 days, so thought I would just ask.
02 January 2015 15:34
If you want consistent behaviour across different systems keep aspect ratio constant. As in your example it would be 1920:1080 or 16:9. For particles i'd recommend using textured particles instead of HALO ones, because the maximum size of HALO particles constrained by used hardware (check your Aliased Point Size Range here).
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