Blend4Web 16.06 LTS Released

30 June 2016 16:28
Meet a cool WebVR game and the 16.06 LTS release!
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01 July 2016 10:42
I tried the player VR with cardboard. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! It works well, fast and easy!
01 July 2016 21:09
Tried space disaster on the htc vive, it didn't work.

I thought it was supposed to be webvr 1.0, obviously not.

I develop apps on the htc vive tartgeting the webvr 1.0 platform so I do know when something doesn't work :)

edit: turns out I am an idiot and don't know the difference between chrome and chromium

[sheepishly leaves the room]
04 July 2016 15:03
@wox76 Thanks for your support!

@johnlogan Glad to hear it works on your HTC Vive! And thanks for testing!
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