Entry points not showing Run From Script

06 July 2016 19:06 #10371

I'm trying to use both js scripting and logic nodes and I've found in the logic editor the Entry points don't show the option to run it from the script. I don't know if the documentation is outdated for the new release and there is a better way to interact between nodes and code.

I've been reading the logic nodes api but still don't find the way…

06 July 2016 20:06 #10372

This option was introduced in version 16.04. What Blend4Web version are you using?
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06 July 2016 20:09 #10373
Ooops, I have 16.03. I'll try to update…

Thank you
07 July 2016 01:25 #10375
Ok, I have updated ths SDK and everything is working fine now

Thank you
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