Wind Turbine

07 July 2016 15:13
Hi everybody,

maybe you wanted to know what happens inside a wind turbine
The annotation text is only available in German at the moment.

wind turbine

The gear animation was the most "tricky" part . It would be really nice, if B4W-support for other types of constraints would be extended in future versions, but with the baking option everything went okay for me at the moment.

Have a nice day

CG Generalist (M&H Marketing AG)
07 July 2016 16:27
Wow that's looking so great!

Aand yes, we have plans on supporting lot of constrains in the future!

By the way, maybe you'd like to fix a bit the scene: if you see the browser console it'll show some errors including missing cubemaps.
07 July 2016 17:12
Hello Pavel,

thank you! Indeed, i recognized the browser console errors but unfortunately I couldn't find the usage of these maps inside the blend-file. I was looking for them via the outliner, but Blender didn't tell me, were to find them or to which object these files are connected.

Can you give me a hint for this problem?

BTW: Very nice to hear, that you are going to support further constraints! With no need for repetitive baking during the development this will speed up fixes in animation.
CG Generalist (M&H Marketing AG)
07 July 2016 18:09
Answered via email
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