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06 January 2015 10:31
I just realized God Rays don't work in IE. Not sure if this is a bug, or a browser issue, which brings me to ask, is there any documentation of what features work with what browsers?

As examples, IE has no audio. Firefox cannot play video texture if an HTML export, stuff like that.
06 January 2015 12:53
IE does nor support depth textures, so we just enforce low quality mode for it in which all fancy features are disabled including god rays. Also IE does not support Web Audio.
Some other hacks can be viewed in this listing. E.g. Firefox video textures issue can be found in line 34.
See also Can I Use website.
For depth texture statistics and for other WebGL and HTML5 features please refer to webglstats.
Anyway, Blend4Web feature support table for different browsers, OSes and devices could be very useful, thanks for suggesting.
The Founder | Twitter
06 January 2015 20:58
It is a useful idea for me for planning what to use in a product demo. Not so much for personal projects, but work related stuff requires acknowledging a user base of 43% IE.
06 January 2015 21:57
Not so much for personal projects, but work related stuff requires acknowledging a user base of 43% IE.
According to Statcounter, IE share is about 22%. I prefer to trust their estimates.
The Founder | Twitter
06 January 2015 23:18
According to our internal stats, the products offered have a high incidence of interest for older people who amount to 43% of IE using the sites. We use Statcounter, Piwik, Google, and a couple other stat sources which we aggregate, then disseminate.
07 January 2015 09:42
Understood. BTW, for this site the IE share is 2.8%.
The Founder | Twitter
07 January 2015 20:32
If anyone is serious about analytics info, then stats should not be based off a single source. Grab it from various sources, mix it together, and break it down from that. Google stats differ from Statcounter differ from Piwik differ from proprietary statistics info for the various sales channels. There is nothing in business easier to manipulate or misunderstand than statistical analytics, so it is always best to diversify on sources and know what that info means to your business. I worked here for 4 years and can get kind of wordy about stat numbers, so I'll leave it at that.
07 January 2015 21:22
It only remains to hope that all browser-OS-device combos will eventually work equally well.
The Founder | Twitter
07 January 2015 22:43
I'm betting you folks will make it happen!
19 February 2015 16:53
We have implemented a workaround for systems without the WebGL_depth_texture extension.
Glow, dynamic reflection, anti-aliasing and some post-processing effects will work in IE and on Qualcomm devices.
The Founder | Twitter
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