Camera animation until user clicks

14 July 2016 19:10
I've seen this kind of thing on the forum but had trouble finding the thread.

• I'd like to have the camera animated (for example: simple rotation, or maybe more advanced like follow a path).

• When the user clicks the scene, they gain full control of the camera like a normally exported scene with no camera animation.

That's it, nothing more advanced than that. No need to return the camera to the preset animation or anything. Can anyone help me locate the threads that discuss this functionality, or let me know where to look so I can learn more and set this up?
14 July 2016 19:31
I would suggest you to take a look at this code snippet

It does exactly what you need: procedurally moves to one object, and when you click the screen, animation stops and you can control the camera with a mouse. To access the code you can click the View Code button in the bottom-left corner of the page.
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