Mouse drag without holding LMB

28 July 2016 11:31

I'm trying to make a FPS type of movement. The mouse rotation is defined as:

function mouse_rotation_cb(rot_x, rot_y) {
        m_phy.character_rotation_inc(_character, rot_x, 0);
        if (rot_y) {
            m_cam.eye_rotate(camobj, 0, rot_y);

            m_cam.get_camera_angles(camobj, _vec3_tmp);
            offset[2] = -dist * Math.cos(_vec3_tmp[1]);
            offset[1] = -dist * Math.sin(_vec3_tmp[1]);

            m_cons.append_semi_stiff_cam(camobj, character, offset);
	var canvas_elem = m_container.get_canvas();
	canvas_elem.addEventListener("mousemove", function(e) {
        m_mouse.request_mouse_drag(canvas_elem, null, mouse_rotation_cb);
    }, false);

It works ok if I hold the LMB but, how can I make the rotation without holding it? Should I use other function than request_mouse_drag?
28 July 2016 11:38
I'm trying to make a FPS type of movement.

You can take a look at "Jungle Outpost" tutorial article (the project is included in the SDK). It is exactly about the first person movement
Blend4Web Team - developer
28 July 2016 11:45
Yes, it worked. Thank you very much.
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